Truth Anonymous Messaging App

Sprint is getting ready to unveil some cheaper wireless plans. The company is expected to announce the cheaper plans this week. The Wall Street Journal says Sprint may offer a plan with unlimited talk, text, and data for $50 a month. That’s $30 less than rival T-Mobile. Or the company could offer a $160 a month family plan with four lines and 20-gigabytes of data. That’s twice the data that AT&T and Verizon offer.

And, sometimes telling a friend the truth isn’t so easy, but there’s an app for that! A new iPhone app called “Truth” is letting users send anonymous text messages to others. By default, every message sent begins with “the truth is”. To use the app, you must register with an email and password. If someone doesn’t have the truth app installed, the message will show up from a random phone number that hasn’t been seen before. The app is meant to inspire compliments, or hard truths that might be too awkward to express openly. It’s also used for flirting. You can get the Truth app in the Apple app store.

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