Big Boss at the Baybears: Chris Morgan

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The Mobile BayBears have a new general manager. His name is Chris Morgan.

Morgan is no stranger to Mobile. In fact, he has been in the Port City since 1996, where he began as the first community relations manager with the ball club. He later moved to work with the Senior Bowl, where he has been ever since.

Now he is back…and ready to get to work.

“Had I not started with the BayBears in 1996, prior to that first season the ’97, I doubt I would’ve ever had an interest in this job. But being there, and being around minor-league baseball, it stayed with me during my entire 16 years with the Reese’s Senior Bowl. It’s just one of those things that just never left. I wanted to get back into minor-league baseball. I had opportunities here and there but they would’ve taken me out of Mobile. My wife and two daughters have established firm roots year so really moving wasn’t an option,” he said to FOX10 News.

Morgan is assuming the role of general manager, previously held by Bill Shannahan.

“Right around the beginning of the season, previous leadership, Bill Shannahan, was here from day one decided to move back to Columbia, South Carolina and I had discussions with the ownership group about this position. The more we talked, the more excited I became about it. To be back in Hank Aaron Stadium, where it started back in 1996, again words really cannot express how excited I am to be here,” he said.

One obstacle to conquer: attendance at games. Morgan said he has a plan.

“In minor-league baseball, on field success, or even on field failure doesn’t necessarily equate to fan support. This is one of the best teams in minor-league baseball. They’ve had a run that he rarely see, winning two of the last three championships. Winning the first half. On page 2 in the second half. Going into the playoffs with kind of a momentum,” he said.

Getting back to the roots of the ball club, community outreach is key, he said.

“You have to sustain everything that you did to get those fans out here in the first place. In those first couple of seasons, we were everywhere. We were very active in the community, very active with the media, and that’s what we got to get back to doing. We’ve got to treat everything moving towards the 2015 season as if we’re back in 97 again. And prior to that season getting ready. And that’s were going to do. We got a lot of hard work ahead of us. We know that it sounds very simple to say we just got to work hard and go out and really talk the bay Bears up and people will still start flocking to Hank Aaron Stadium again. I wish it was that simple but trust me, we’re going to be out in the community as hard as we never been. Probably even more so then we were back in 96 prior to the first season. If you’re a true baseball fan and you want to see some great baseball at the AA level there’s not many places better to see it than Hank Aaron Stadium,” said Morgan.

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