Baldwin County students return to school

BALDWIN CO., Ala.  –  The first day of class in Baldwin County began Monday with an interim superintendent who spent the morning at the school where he was prinicpal before receiving his new assignment.

Robbie Owen was on hand at Rockwell Elementary where the new year is bringing excitement and changes.


Owen had been principal at Rockwell for more than 15 years before being named interim superintendent.

He said, “The opportunity to be able to be the superintendent, even for an interim period, when you’ve grown up in a place and love the place, its an awesome opportunity.”

Owen also has a game plan for the new year.

He said, “We have done so many things in the last few years with technology and our curriculum, and we want to keep that going.”


Leah Wolf has two children in the school system, including Julia who’s starting kindergarten at Rockwell.

She’s heard encouraging reports about Owen.

Wold said, “I know we’re in good hands here, this is a wonderful school system. Rockwell is an excellent school from everything I’ve heard.”

Owen said, “Instruction is why we’re here, so, we want to improve on that always.”


The new school year in Baldwin County is also bringing a new uniform policy.

Elementary and middle school students must still wear uniforms, but high schoolers can wear open-toed shoes and blue jeans or blue denim pants.

The school board approved the change back in July.

However, for some classes, like chemistry, teachers will make sure students know about proper footwear ahead of time.

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