Woman uses social media to promote water park

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)- A local woman who wants to bring a water park to Mobile is making a big splash on social media.

Tammie McCall took the idea to Facebook, and she says her next stop is the Mobile County commission. The Facebook page McCall created last month is called “A Water Park for Mobile.” In just four weeks, she’s up to nearly 7,500 likes.

“It’s tremendous. It’s exciting. I’ve only had one or two negative comments, and really that’s just about the location. Everybody seems to be really for it,” McCall said.

McCall first came up with idea for the water park as a suggested use for the Mobile Civic Center.

“So, I made that suggestion to one of the city council members. He liked the idea, but it just kind of went away,” she said.

But, recently McCall gained new hope that the park could be included with a proposed Soccer Complex.

“I think that the complex there is big enough to accommodate both,” McCall said.

The proposed site for the complex is at the intersection of I-65 and I-10.

She said she even received feedback from the County Commissioner’s office.

“I received contact from her just about two weeks ago and said that she had included that in her preliminary draft, so I called and spoke with, well actually they called me and we spoke about, and I said is she open to some suggestion about the features, and they said yes, absolutely,” McCall said.

McCall has collected more than 1,300 signatures for her online petition, and she says people who don’t have Facebook can also sign.

“You can just go to Change.org and put in petitions, and from there put in water park, and I believe we were the second one on the list there,” she said.

View the petition on Change.org

“It’s pretty expensive for the average family to be able to go to a water park. So if we could do something like that here, and keep that money here I believe that would really boost our economy, I believe it would create jobs for Mobilians for some of our businesses, and I believe it’s just a good idea.”

McCall said she hopes to be ready to take the petition to city and county leaders after Labor Day.

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