Locals protest in wake of Michael Brown shooting death

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Outrage over the shooting death by police of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. has spread across the country.

A small group in Mobile staged a protest downtown on Saturday, August 16.

About a dozen people gathered near Cathedral Square and the Downtown Police Precinct. The demonstrators said they’re protesting racism in police departments across the country.

“We’re here speaking out against police brutality, and a racist police system which targets people of color and minorities at a much greater frequency than anyone else is targeted,’ one demonstrator said.

Another demonstrator said, “It makes me feel unsafe. it makes me feel like i don’t have a state. it makes me feel like anybody can decide at anytime what my fate should be based on nothing but their own fears.”

The protest was organized by the Mobile chapter of the group “Socialist Alternative”.

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