MPD raids R.V. Taylor area, arrests 21

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – On August 15, 2014 the Mobile Police Department Narcotics and Vice Unit executed a raid in which they arrested 21 people in the R.V. Taylor area including 10 people who were targeted for selling narcotics.

PHOTOS: Mobile Police initiates Operation ReVitalize

The Mobile Police Department had been planning Operation ReVitalize raid for over two months. They say their goal was to capture 21 people who had previously sold drugs to an undercover officer.

They targeted the R.V. Taylor Area because of its history with crime. Police say they used undercover officers to narrow down specific houses and people. Though police were targeting drug suspects, they say they have a larger goal in mind of reducing violent crime in the area.

“Within that housing area, there were two homicides within the past two and a half years, 42 people shot in that area. That’s why we’re there – to disrupt criminal activity,” said Mobile Police Chief James Barber.

During the raid, police officers seized marijuana, spice, cocaine, two shotguns and five handguns. Police are calling it a success.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with how this turned out today.  In the middle of a hot sunny day, I saw professionalism as they walked in these residences and there was nobody injured and we captured some folks and disrupted a lot of networks here and that’s what it’s all about,” said Mobile County Public Safety Director Richard Landolt.

Capturing 10 out of 21 targeted suspects is almost a 50 percent success rate. Police say anything over 25 percent is considered successful.

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