Alabama alligator season begins

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – The hunting has begun in the deltas of Mobile Bay. Alligator hunting, that is.

The Alabama alligator hunting season will be held August 14 – 17 and August 21 – 24 in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and west central Alabama. Hunts in southeast Alabama will be held August 8 – 24.

Alligator hunting began in Alabama in 2006. Since then, 589 alligators have been killed. In 2010, the largest alligator killed to date was 13′ 4″ and weighed a large 742 pounds.

Alabama conservation officer Kevin Hill and his partner Bradley Simpson took FOX10 News out for a look at the alligators in the delta. Officer Hill told FOX10 News the reason hunting alligators at night is better is because to the naked eye, during the daylight hours, you cannot spot an alligator on the horizon as well as you can at night with a light shinning on them.

More of the smaller alligators can be found in lower-lying areas – more grassy areas to be exact. The larger alligators will be found in the deeper parts of the water or river.

This year, there is no limit on what size alligator you can catch. One-hundred and fifty tags were given out to those who wanted to hunt. The drawing was random.

However, you don’t have to have a tag to…tag along. As long as someone in the boat has a tag, you can go with them as long as you have a valid hunting license.

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