Mayor’s proposed budget to boost capital projects

  MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)- FOX10 News is working to find out how Mayor Sandy Stimpson plans on spending your tax dollars next fiscal year.

Although final touches are still being made on the proposed budget Stimpson’s Chief of Staff, Colby Cooper, gave a little insight on what may be cut and what may see a boost.

“Without telling too much or being specific because this is in the preview of the mayor and the city council we are probably looking at a double percentage increase in capital allocation,’ said Cooper.

Capital projects include things like upgrading equipment for city workers and road repairs.

Earlier this month Cooper told non-profits, asking for tax dollars, to review and refine their requests after nearly 75 organizations asked for a total of about $12 million compared to last year’s $8 million in funding. Cooper says organizations were able to cut about a million dollars overall. But it may not be enough.

“Unfortunately they came back 25% above 14 numbers,” said Cooper.

Cooper says non-profit groups are valuable to the city of Mobile but next year they will need to tighten their belts even more.

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