FOX10’s Day of Caring to be held at Magnolia Springs Head Start

MAGNOLIA SPRINGS, Ala. (WALA) – FOX10 News will perform a day of caring Thursday, August 14 at the Magnolia Springs Head Start Center in Baldwin County.


Happy little customers greeted Kathy Johnson at Magnolia Springs Head Start Wednesday. Johnson is the director of the center which provides free preschool to children from the area.

“They may not get any kind of academic or social skills without coming here,” Johnson said. “You just never know what’s going on at home. “

Misty Rhoda’s three children have been in the preschool program at Magnolia Springs. She told us for a working mom the program has helped provide something she couldn’t… time.

“It really has helped them get ready for school,” Rhoda said. “I work a lot and I go to school and they take the time to fill in the gaps.”


The Magnolia Springs Head Start program serves 60 children and their families. The school year begins Monday and it’s down to the wire to get things ready for Fall.

“We still got a lot to do,” Johnson told us,  “The teachers are going to come in and get their rooms set up. We have some painting and things like that left to do. “

And that’s where Fox10 comes in. A couple dozen of our employees will be at on the school Thursday for a Day of Caring. One of our assignments for the day of caring will be cleaning up and repairing playground equipment to make that it’s ready and safe for when the kids return to school.

We’ll also tackle painting and some other tasks. It’s a small gesture for some folks that put everything they have into this place and its mission.

“We make it possible for them to get that start to be ready to go out into the world,” Johnson said.


Johnson says volunteers are always welcome. Even simply reading a book to the kids helps them learn. If you can help, call their front office at:(251) 965-7937.

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