Motion: DA “used her office for personal gain, sexual relationship”

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Baldwin County Attorney Julian Brackin filed a motion Tuesday, August 12 requesting to disqualify Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon’s office from a case.

The defendant in the case, Edward Bushaw, works in the culinary department at Faulkner State Community College. He’s accused of using his position for personal gain by hosting a wedding reception. The motion sates the defendant is innocent and was “providing a teaching experience for students in the culinary arts program.”

The motion goes on to attack Baldwin County DA Hallie Dixon claiming she used her position “to satisfy her sexual needs through employees in her office.”

It’s unclear if those allegations are related to an EEOC complaint that was recently filed against Dixon.

In a press conference Monday, August 11, Dixon denied any wrongdoing. She said, “I have never at any point in time misused or abused the position of my office against an employee or anyone else, because of the allegations, because we are limited in what we can say, I cannot comment on individual personnel matters because it is an EEOC issue.”

But the motion states otherwise.

It claims the DA used her office to “demote and otherwise demean the employee with whom she was having the elicit sexual relationship” and “this has now caused the filing of a sexual harassment complaint by the employee against the district attorney.”

Fairhope Attorney Robert Stankoski said the DA’s office has two options:

“I assume the DA’s office could choose to agree to the motion and remove themselves from the case and ask the attorney general to come down and prosecute the case. That would be consenting to the motion. Of course they could object to the motion and argue to the court why or why not the motion should be granted,” Stankoski explained.

The motion will go before Judge Joseph Norton. Stankoski said Norton could deny it, grant it or set it for a hearing.

Fox10 News went to Attorney Julian Brackin’s office who filed the motion but he would not comment. The DA’s office has not released a comment either.

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