Saraland Weekend Storm Update

MOBILE, Ala.-(WALA) – Marshall’s Biscuits in Saraland was open for business Monday, but biscuits weren’t the only business going on.

Repairs were being made to the roof after a storm hit the Saraland area on Saturday. Those in the area talked to us about how quickly things turned serious.

“At first I thought it was kind of cool, but then I’m thinking okay, this is probably a bad situation, I should probably go back inside. You’re in awe for a minute, then you think yeah I need to take cover and protect myself,” said one resident.

Fox10 News spoke with those at the National Weather Service Office in Mobile who said they have watched the radar data and the damage was most likely caused by straight-line winds. At the time, there was a severe thunderstorm warning issued, where meteorologists warned of possible winds of more than 60-mph.

“It was like big strands of sheet metal, we’re talking 10-15 feet of sheet metal just flying in the air. I mean, it’s something that you would never see in your life. You’re just in awe,” said resident Wayne Butler

We here on the Gulf Coast are used to thunderstorms, but sometimes even those thunderstorms can take us by surprise. Thankfully no one was hurt in saturday’s storm.

The NWS issues a severe thunderstorm warning when a storm contains hail at least 1-inch in size and/or surface wind speeds are 58-mph or greater.

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