Hallie Dixon, Baldwin DA, addresses EEOC complaint

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – FOX10 News continues to push for answers after learning an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, complaint has been filed against Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon.

Dixon spoke to the media Monday morning, August 11, saying she could not comment on EEOC complaints.

FOX10 asked if she was aware of the EEOC complaint filed against her.

“I literally am extremely limited on what I can say regarding the EEOC. Um, we are not able to go into anything to do with it, but I can confirm an EEOC complaint has been filed,” Dixon said during a statement.

Dixon did say, however, “I have never, at any point in time, misused or abused the position of my office against an employee or anyone else. Because of the allegation, we are limited in what we can say. I cannot comment on individual personnel matters. Because it is an EEOC issue, we cannot comment on the details or anything to do with the EEOC complaint.”

Dixon said she will not let the complaint distract her or her team from their mission, which is to continue to do the job of the office.

When FOX10 asked Dixon what her reaction was to the filing of the complaint, she replied, “My reaction is that I stand on my record. I have been a, truely, a servant of the public and this office. I am very proud of our record, very proud of the progress we have made and I won’t let this or anything else distract us from continuing to make a great record for this office and to serve the people of this county as a voice in the public justice system.”

Dixon said there is nothing that has been said that would make her entertain the idea of resigning.

We’ve have been trying to contact Dixon since July 31, when we first learned of the complaint. We were told she has been on an extended two week absence, on top of a two week vacation.

Dixon said contrary to what had been said, she had not been out of the office for four weeks. She said the week before she went on a two-week vacation, she had week-long training for her office.

“I am not in any way going to apologize for taking a family vacation for two business weeks,” she said.

FOX10 News is still trying to confirm what the complaint is about.

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