County employees one step closer to possible pay raise

MOBILE, Ala. -(WALA) The Mobile County Commission will be sending a letter to Mobile County Personnel stating it will make a decision regarding a salary increase, bonus,or incentive request for county employees on or before October 1.

Mobile County Attorney Jay Ross says when the commission wants to make any financial adjustments to salaries they typically notify personnel board first.
“They want to give a raise. They are struggling with all the different financing options.. what can be cut, what can be modified to give the employees a raise… the dollar amount of the raise has not been determined, if it’s going to be a bonus or percentage increase has not been determined and so that’s what they are trying to work on,” said Ross.

While the discussion continues Mobile County Sheriff Sam Cochran tells FOX10 News he is losing deputies to agencies in his own backyard. He says it’s all because of better pay and better benefits.

“Right under the light bill, we need to put a raise there,” said Cochran.

Cochran says some of his deputies are facing major temptations. Stay at the sheriff’s office and hope the county commission approves a raise or go to an agency that will pay more now.

” I’ve spoken to some and talked them out of leaving. I’ve tried to promise them that we think that it’s going to get better and hold our a little while longer,” said Cochran.

Just last Friday, Cochran says he lost two longtime narcotics investigators. One went to Sararland Police Department the other he went to a private company. The reason? better pay.

“They are paying more and have better benefits right now than what the sheriff’s office is able to offer so we are losing very experienced dedicated deputies sheriffs,’ said Cochran

The sheriff says it’s tough to see them go and is hoping, come October, there will be a bigger incentive to stay.




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