Baldwin County DA’s office could be losing thousands

MOBILE, Ala.- (WALA)FOX10 News has learned the Baldwin County district attorney’s office may be losing thousands of dollars.

Baldwin County Commissioner Tucker Dorsey said last year, Baldwin County District Attorney Hallie Dixon asked for $50,000 dollars to transform a conference room into an office space for investigators and that money was granted.

Recently, the county began moving forward with the project but Dorsey said after looking at the proposed 2014-2015 budget, the county stopped the project. Dorsey said there’s talk of putting the $50,000 originally allocated to Dixon back in the general fund.

“We’re currently in budget deliberations to discuss managing about a $138 million dollar budget. When we started off, we were about $7 million short of or department heads wish list so we’re knocking those back,” Dorsey said.

Baldwin County commissioners said the DA’s office isn’t the only area where they’re cutting back but they’re asking the Sheriff’s Office, probate judge and revenue commission to cut back as well.

This comes after a complaint was filed against Dixon with the EEOC.

FOX10 News asked Dorsey if the recent complaint had anything to do with cutting the funds from the DA’s office.

“I understand it’s a hot topic right now but we’ve paired back the sheriff’s budget by several hundred thousand dollars,” Dorsey said in reply. “By law we have to balance the budget were kind of shaving as hard as we can to get there.”

The county must have the proposed budget ready by September 30 for the 2014-2015 fiscal year which begins October 1st.

The decision to cut the 50k from the DA is not yet final, but there should be more talk about the proposed budget Tuesday, August 19.


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