Para Con in Pensacola hosts 143 vendors

PENSACOLA, Fla. (WALA) – Para Con will kick off Saturday, August 9, 2014 at the Pensacola Interstate Fairgrounds. It will feature 143 vendors from around the country.

The two day event is a dream for fans of science fiction, horror films, comics and the paranormal.

Several celebrity guests are expected to make an appearance at the event, including Lou Ferrigno who played The Incredidble Hulk. Characters from The Hunger Games, Bay Watch and Mortal Combat, among others, will also make appearances.

back to the future Para Con in Pensacola hosts 143 vendors

Replicas of the Mystery Machine and the Back to the Future car are also set up at the Main Exhibit Hall.

There are two buildings housing the event.

“My customers are usually in their twenties and when they come to the Pokemon booth, there’s usually screams and happy faces as well as asking me if I carry this particular Pokemon. There are over 700 Pokemon, so I try to carry the most popular,” said Jill Lewis who has a Pokemon booth at the event.

You can still get tickets for the event. Tickets are $10 for the day, $20 for the weekend, or $35 for a weekend pass. You can find more information at the Pensacola Para Con website.

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