Best Vine Competition

A new smart phone app called “Zip Phone” lets you make free calls over wi-fi. This comes in handy when you want to save your limited number of cellular minutes that come with your plan. If you have an unlimited plan, you can use “Zip Phone” while traveling to save on roaming charges. Once it’s installed, you’ll only need to open it once, and it automatically works whenever you need it after that. It’s available for iPhone and Android, and all the calls are encrypted so no one, including the company, can eavesdrop on you.

And, there’s a competition going on to find the world’s best Vine video. It’s sponsored by Tropfest, the world’s largest short film festival. Your video must feature a mirror. To enter the contest, simply tweet your six-second video featuring a mirror @tropfest with the hashtags #tropvine and #mirror. The winner will get two flights to Sydney, Australia, VIP tickets to the Tropfest festival, Nikon camera gear, and lunch with Twitter Australia. Your video will also be aired at Tropfest Australia in December.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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