Back-to-School apps

DAILY DOT COM (WALA) – Going back to school can be a little pricey, but thanks to technology there are a slue of applications to help students save a buck or two.  Here’s a look at three applications college students might want to keep in mind: CourseSmart, Evernote, and the Algeo calculator.


CourseSmart is a web-based reader app that’s good for replacing paper bound text books with digital ones.  The database has over 7,000 books, which last for a 180-day subscription period before disappearing.  “You can eliminate up to 60% of your costs that you would normally pay for a printed textbook,” said Jessica Edge, Verizon Wireless Manager in Mobile.


Evernote is basically the cure-all for all note taking. But it’s not just for taking notes –you can also take pictures of your syllabus and assignments, which are then translated into searchable stockpiles of information like important due dates.  Plus, the app gives users the ability to record lectures.  “So you’re able to go back and look through your notes don’t have to carry around the pads anymore,” Edge explained.


If you are looking for a cost efficient graphing calculator, the Algeo graphing calculator app has all the features of a scientific calculator and it’s free download for Android users.  Calculus and algebra students can use it for differential equations, to draw functions, and show a table of values of the functions.

Now if you are interested in a tablet, where you can download all those apps, Verizon is offering its Ellipsis 7″ tablet for $49.99.  The price includes a 2-year contract.  Tech-experts describe it as a good web-browsing device.  It’s got an LTE modem, and normally retails for $250.

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