First day back, and learning aviation

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Class is back in session for Mobile County students and one school opened a brand new building designed to help train students for a career in an industry that’s rapidly growing here in our area. 


You might expect to see a disassembled plane at B.C. Rain High School’s new aerospace training facility, but you’ll hear a lot of different noises, too. This is the third year for the academy, but the first in its new 15,000 square foot building. From here, students either go to college, like Hunter Preston plans to do…

Preston said, “I’d like to become an aerospace engineer. I always like planes, and I just love designing and building, whichever one does me better.”

Or they’ll go into the workforce.

Aerospace Engineering Instructor Don Jones said, “They’re going to go over to ST Aerospace, or they’re going to go to Ozark Enterprise and take their two year associates program and go work on airplanes, do the maintenance, or go to Airbus and build airplanes.”


All students will get hands on experience, but also engage in scientific reasoning.

Jones said, “My job is to teach them why airplanes fly.”

The academy has a flight simulator, and another machine you might describe as a mini-wind tunnel to demonstrate how different wing designs respond to lift or drag. But, there’s a lot of basic math, too. Junior Darius McCray wants to be an aviation engineer and is taking a variety of courses.

McCray said, “I have health, Algebra Two, Trig, Aviation, and, then, Spanish.”

And, with hard work, the instructors believe the students are in getting into a career where the sky’s the limit.

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