Chessie Wood Background

“I believe something’s wrong. My gut has told me that from day one. I do not believe my daughter would leave her child and her family behind period”.

That was Chessie Wood in July, 2012, talking with FOX 10 News about her daughter, Brittney Wood who vanished 2 months before. A prime suspect in Brittney’s disappearance, her uncle, Donald Holland Senior shot and killed himself with Brittney’s gun.

Chessie was asked, “Why did Brittney carry a gun?”
“For protection.”
“From who?”
“She had a few obsessive ex-boyfriends and look what was going on across the Bay. Maybe she was scared”.

Later, prosecutors charged Chessie Wood not with her daughter’s death, but with being part of a family sex ring.

When she was asked, “Have they, do you think they found anything on you?”, she replied, “Can’t find something on “something that didn’t happen.”

Baldwin County deputies insist Brittney’s disappearance and the sex crimes were not connected.

FOX 10 News reporter Andrew Perez asked her, “Do you know why the county asked you to take a polygraph test?”

She replied,  “Yes to see if I had any involvement with Donald Holland”. When asked “Why didn’t you take it?”, Chessie replied,  “I consulted my attorney. And I don’t even know why they let you consult attorneys because I actually talked to three of them and all three of them said go get you a private one done there is nothing wrong with that but don’t take one to the police department- ever”.

When asked, “So you’re willing to do one?” she said, “Sure. Sure I’d love to. Actually I told them I would do one if I can choose the questions”.

If the case goes to trial, Chessie Wood would have the option to testify on her own behalf, but wouldn’t have the chance to choose the questions.

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