Alabama man stands by claims of botched circumcision

Johnny Lee Banks, Jr. signs statement swearing to surgical slip-up


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – An Alabama man is defending his lawsuit claiming a circumcision resulted in the amputation of his penis.

Johnny Lee Banks Jr. has signed a sworn statement saying he went to a Birmingham hospital this summer for the procedure and awoke to realize most of his penis was gone.

Banks submitted the statement as a judge considers requests by two doctors and a hospital to dismiss the lawsuit. A hearing is set for Thursday afternoon.

The defense also is seeking professional sanctions against Banks’ lawyer for filing the case.

Princeton Baptist Medical Center and physicians Michael Bivins and Alan Aikens claim there’s no truth to the lawsuit.

Sworn statements by nurses say Banks had a circumcision at the hospital months before he claims, and there was no record of any amputation.

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