Witness: “It’s a child sitting in the middle of the road”

One of the many drivers crossing the Wilson Bridge shortly after the accident that sent an Explorer over the rail said he saw a child sitting in the middle of the road.

John Mudrich of Stockton was driving in a vehicle with his son, and told Fox Ten News about the first thing he saw.


He said, “We actually first come across, like a blowout, when the tire slings rubber off. That was like the first thing we come up on. And, then, we see this big pile of debris in the interstate.”

Then, Mudrich saw something else.

He said, “I see something move. I look and it’s a child sitting in the middle of the road.”

Mudrich said he also saw a woman lying in the road, unresponsive.


He said he rushed toward the child, who he said wasn’t crying and didn’t appear to be hurt badly.

Mudrich said another woman also came to help the child.

He said that woman got a blanket, and the child “stood up, because he was just sitting there, and she asked him, ‘Are you okay?’ You know, we were trying to check him to make sure he was okay, and he stood up and I helped her wrap that blanket around him, and she picked him up and held him until the ambulance people got there.”


Mudrich said while he was helping the child, he heard voices coming from over the railing.

He said, “We could hear people hollering for help. We run and look over the side, and there’s all these people sitting on top of what was their vehicle, and the man thought that the child and the lady were still in the vehicle.”

But, Mudrich said the two people the man thought were inside the vehicle were the woman and child on the bridge.

Mudrich said he was on the bridge for about half an hour.

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