What are jurors allowed to know?


Today on Studio 10 we’re talking about some things you may need to know if you are on a Jury. David what are some things you should know if you ever find yourself on a jury of a case dealing with a car wreck?

One important thing to remember is that the plaintiff lawyer is not allowed to mention if there is insurance involved. 99% of the time if a car accident case is being decided before a jury, there is insurance in the case and the adverse driver will actually pay nothing. It’s the insurance company that will have to pay what they are supposed to pay.

Why does it matter if there is insurance involved?

It’s important to know that insurance is available because the person who caused the wreck often will not have to pay out of their pocket. A jury generally will not want to award large mony damages against someone who who they feel may be able to pay it. The insurance company is who has hired the lawyer to be there for them.

Why are you not allowed to tell the jury this information?

Because the courts are tilted to protect the insurance companies and not the people who have been wronged.

Do the lawyers know if there’s coverage and how much coverage there is?

Yes they do.

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