PFD: Fire station temporarily shut down

PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA) – Tuesday, August 5, the York Mitchell Fire Station of the Bullshead community, also known as the Bullshead Station, was temporarily shut down due to fire truck repairs.

FOX10 started looking into these issues after receiving an anonymous tip from a Prichard firefighter via ReportIt. The person reporting the problem said they were fed up with problems at the department. In his ReportIt email to our newsroom he wrote in part:

“If we have a house fire or commercial fire in the Bullshead area we would only have two trucks to attend and the arrival time would be delayed of valuable minutes due to station shut down,” he said, “we want something done about this.”

FOX10 met with city officials to ask about the shutdown. Just hours after gathering details for a report, the fire station was reopened, and one of the fire trucks was repaired. According to firefighters, the truck that was fixed is a pickup truck that could respond to medical calls.

“One of our front line trucks had some transmission problems, and we took it to the garage to have some work done on it,” explained Frederick Chambers, Interim Fire Chief for the City of Prichard.

Chamber said he expects the transmission repairs on that fire truck to be a few more days. Meanwhile, residents said they are worried about the lack of equipment.

“Just response time, if they’re busy at one spot, then if you have a problem then you’re subject to have more damage,” said Ray York, who owns a business down the street from the Bullshead Fire Station.

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