School Board members react to Dr. Lee resignation


Doctor Alan Lee’s resignation came as a surprise to members of the Baldwin County School

Board.  They had renewed his contract in June of 2013, but on November 1st he’ll be

stepping down.  That gives them 90 days to search for a new superintendent and whoever that

is will have some big shoes to fill.  Dr. Lee made the official announcement Tuesday,

August 5, 2014.


Present at the press conference were School Board President, Norm Moore and Vice President

Angie Swiger.  Both said they were surprised and disappointed by Dr. Alan Lee’s resignation

as superintendent of Baldwin County Schools.  Moore and Lee stated their displeasure that

news of the resignation leaked out a day before it was to be announced.


“Some of you knew about this before our board members knew about it,” Moore said to

reporters at the news conference.  “This was not supposed to happen.  We don’t know how it

happened.  We’ll find out.”


Lee said the time is right for him to step aside and let the School Board create its own

vision to follow.  Moore said that Dr. Lee has pointed the system in the right direction

over the last four years and they intend to continue in the pursuit of that vision,

including the digital learning programs in all of the county’s schools.


“The plan has been set out for the coming year.  That’s in motion and the plan’s there now.

All the players have to work their part of it and if everybody does their job, it will all

come together and we’ll be fine.” Moore said.


Swiger said it will be a big challenge to find someone with the qualifications and vision

to step in and fill the void Lee leaves behind.  Another challenge will be the timing

because schools will open in less than two weeks.


“I do not look forward to a superintendent search.  We have school starting and we do want

to be able to start school and make this a seamless transition and have the least

interruption as possible for our students and teachers,” Swiger said.


As the search for a new superintendent begins, Lee said he would not be a part of the

process saying that the school board would be better off tackling that together.  He will

spend the next 90 days helping to make the transition as seamless as possible.


“I will do whatever the board wants me to do in that regard, but I think it’s important

that I not be involved in the process of search and consideration of candidates.  I think

that clouds things so I would not choose to do that,” Lee explained.


Doctor Lee’s salary is $175,000 and with a school system of 30,000 students leading the way in

digital learning, Moore and Swiger are confident the job will attract top-notch candidates.

Moore said it will be a national search for qualified candidates.  The entire board will

meet later this week and begin discussions on how they will begin the search.


School Board President, Norm Moore said Tuesday that while it’s possible they’ll fill the

position by November 1st, it’s more likely an interim superintendent will have to be named.

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