GISHWHES, new web scavenger hunt

If you like a challenge, you will love this.  It’s the greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen.  Just call it GISHWHES for short.

Fans of the hit show Supernatural may already have a clue about this wacky cyber game.  It was started by Misha Collins, star of the show, as a publicity stunt to win a People’s Choice Award a couple years ago.

As of 2014, it’s a five-time Guinness World Record-holding operation.  So what’s the deal, and how does it work?

GISHWHES is all about getting out of your comfort zone –doing something crazy and having life-changing experience while in some cases participating in some heart-warming community service projects.  To sign up you need a computer to access the site, where you can register to play.

Players come from all over the world to complete a long list of accomplishments that they must capture on video or in a picture.  You have teams of 15 where you divvy up the tasks, which are anything but normal.  For example, making a hug album, jumping in a pile of leaves in a business suit, or coming up with a fake Orlando Jones Twitter account and convincing 400 people to follow you.

For every item you accomplish –you get a point.  And whichever team receives the most points by scavenging the most items –wins an all-expense-paid trip to “somewhere incredible.”   According to the site, last year, the 15 members of winning team Vatican Cameos joined Collins on a secret island near Vancouver, Canada. They rode a chartered seaplane and enjoyed a séance and a special Viking-related surprise.

The best part about the GISHWHES program, aside from the fact that it encourages teamwork, is that the proceeds from entry fees are donated to Collin’s charity Random Acts, a non-profit dedicated to promoting random acts of kindness.

The hunt for 2014 starts on August 2 and runs for seven days.  If you didn’t sign up, you will have to wait until next year.  But at least this way if you see any shenanigans around town, it might make more sense…it could all be part of the GISH-experiment.

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