Flappy Bird Returns to Amazon Fire TV

Microsoft is suing Samsung. As part of a patent-sharing agreement reached in 2011, Samsung is supposed to pay Microsoft a royalty for every Android smart phone it sells. Microsoft says Samsung didn’t pay on time last fall and now is refusing to pay interest on the late payment. In the lawsuit, Microsoft says Samsung made payments until Microsoft announced it was buying Nokia’s smart phone business last fall. And, it hasn’t paid royalties since then. Samsung has not commented on the lawsuit.

Watch out Amazon! Walmart is personalizing the online shopping experience. New features to its website will look at a shopper’s previous searches and purchases, and also customize the home page based on where each customer lives, showing things like the local weather and events.

And, the maker of the highly addictive game, Flappy Bird, promised the game would be back by August, and he kept his word. Kind of… The game is back, but only on Amazon’s Fire TV box. It’s been rebranded and is called “Flappy Birds Family”. The new game focuses on a two-player mode that pits players against each other in a race to the finish line. Also, the new game has roaming enemies like ghosts that try to get in your way and stop your progress.

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