Stimpson administration works to trim the budget

Mayor Sandy Stimpson’s administration is asking about 75 organizations, with performance contracts with the city of Mobile, to take a closer look at their funding requests and make budget cuts.

Stimpson’s Chief of Staff Colby Cooper says overall organizations asked for a total of about $12 million compared to last year’s $8 million in funding requests. It’s a number too big for the city of Mobile.

“If you can return to 2014 numbers that’s helpful, but that’s not going to be good enough,” said Cooper.

Stimpson hopes the cut backs will help him finally give a pay raise to city employees. They haven’t received a raise in seven years.

“Seven years is just way to long,” said Cooper.

The Bay Area Food Bank is one of the organization’s re-working its budget.

“We are doing much, much, more than we ever have but continue to be told ‘tighten your belt, tighten your belt, tighten your belt.’ And that is disappointing” said executive Director David Reaney.

Reaney is asking for the same amount he received last year. But, according to the city, it still may be too much.

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