Spice, guns, and cash all part of crackdown in Prichard

PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA) -Prichard Police showed off a big haul Monday morning from a special new force aimed at fighting street level crime.

spice Spice, guns, and cash all part of crackdown in Prichard

It included ten guns and about $7,000 worth of drugs, including more than a dozen packs of the drug they said is causing the biggest problem in the city: spice.


They have names like “Kick Brains,” “AK 47,” and “Scooby Snax.”

Prichard Police Chief Michael Rowland said police confiscated 20 bags of spice last month in what he calls a crime interdiction initiative.

Chief Rowland said, “Its kind of a spin-off of what you heard in the past called ‘Hot Spot Policing,’ which we have a group of specialized police officers who go from one crime hot spot, or drug open air market, to another one.”


Rowland talked about some of the guns police confiscated.

He said, “This is small, about a .25 caliber semi-automatic pistol, which we would just call a “Saturday Night Special,” that can be bought just anywhere out on the street. Street value of that gun is probably about $15 or $20, maybe $25.”

Then, he showed a more dangerous one.

Rowland said, “This is a semi-automatic pistol fashioned after a machine gun. Now, we have not test fired this weapon to see whether it fires fully automatic or not, but, it can be converted to a fully automatic pistol.”


As for the drugs, Rowland said spice is getting to be particularly difficult to find and confiscate.

He said, “It’s easy to conceal, and once these people get it that use it, it’s gone in a very short period of time, so, it is, if not the worst, it’s quickly going to become the worst problem in Mobile County, I believe.”


Prichard Police sayid the interdiction team goes into neighborhoods after getting information from the public, and the department is hoping to get even more tips.

Rowland said, “We’ll be doing a Facebook page pretty soon, and we’re also going to be looking at a tip line that people can call in anonymously, or ‘text-in.’ “

Rowland also said he plans to ask the court system to allow the department to destroy the guns that have been confiscated so they don’t end up back on the street.

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