Neighbors say woman was stabbed on her front porch

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A Mobile woman is expected to survive a brutal attack that happened right on her front porch. Neighbors said the suspect had been stalking the victim for years.

“I was sitting on my front porch I saw everything from the beginning to the end,” Cynthia Robinson said.

Robinson tried to warn her neighbor when she saw what looked like trouble approaching Saturday afternoon, August 2.

“When I saw him come through here, and he was staggering like he was drunk. I say, ‘Chrissy, there go Nate,'” she said.

Neighbors said Crystal Marshall was sitting on her front porch on Brazier Drive in the Roger Williams housing community when she was attacked by a man with a knife.

“Next thing I know he just went to jugging her, jugging her. Then she got up and went to running,” Robinson said as she made a stabbing motion with her hand, indicating the suspect stabbed the woman multiple times.

According to neighbors, Marshall made it to a nearby apartment, where Michael Brown was able to help her.

“He had a big old knife, almost like a hunting knife, and she ran into my sister’s house. So I pushed him back and shot the rafts out from under him, and that’s what saved her,” he said.
Reporter: “You mean you tripped him up?”
Brown: “Yes, I tripped him up.”

“Once he fell he tried to get up and start running, he ran up on the hill up there and that’s where the police caught him,” Brown explained..

Police arrested 47-year-old Frank Nathaniel Lee. He’s charged with attempted murder. Neighbors said he’s attacked Marshall before.

‘Why do they keep letting him out and why do he keep ending up over here? This has happened a lot of times,” Wanda Dickson said.

Dickson said the attack as left her friend in intensive care.

“My pastor did the prayer for her today at church,” Dickson said.

“She good people, you know what I’m saying, and she didn’t deserve to have to be going through that. And this man they keep letting him out of jail,” Robinson said.

Lee remained in Mobile County Metro Jail Sunday, August 3 on the attempted murder charge. He has a long arrest history that includes harassment, domestic violence, and a violation of a protection order.

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