Funeral for Diane Downey and her two grandchildren today

diane downey

This afternoon, funeral services are being held for retired teacher Diane Downey and her two grandchildren who were killed in a traffic accident while traveling in northwest Florida.

Downey, a retired Thomasville, Alabama elementary school teacher and her two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, were not far from Tallahassee when the vehicle they were in collided with a semi tractor trailer.

Florida Highway investigators say the family was pronounced dead on the scene.  The accident happened on July 29.

Thomasville Mayor Sheldon Day said Ms. Downey taught his children.  “Ms. Downey was a wonderful teacher who taught for many years at Thomasville Elementary School,” said Day.  “She’s been retired for several years and will long be remembered as someone who loved her children in her classroom just like her own kids and her own grandkids.”

Visitation begins at 1:00 p.m. until the 2:00 p.m. service at the Thomasville Civic Center.

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