Supplying equipment for the Battle of Mobile Bay

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Plenty of people are involved in re-enacting the Battle of Mobile Bay this weekend. However, have you ever wondered where re-enactors get their outfits and equipment?

There are vendors that follow re-enactors to places where events are going on. Many are setting up tents at Fort Morgan.


One of the biggest retailers you’ll see at Fort Morgan is a company called Rum Creek Sutler out of Jonesboro, Georgia. A sutler is a civilian merchant who sells provisions to an Army.

Chuck Johnson with Rum Creek Sutler said, “We sell everything to the re-enactors, from their boots to the top of their head, (and) everything in between.”

What are some of the more popular items?

Johnson said, “Flags are very popular. The uniforms for the re-enactors, books, have been real popular, because I carry a large selection of books for the time period.”

Johnson even sells reproductions of the guns for the re-enactments.


Patricia Fattaleh of Huntington, West Virginia owns a smaller store called “Miss Pitty Pat.”

She said, “I sell hats, dresses, and jewelry.”

Fattaleh said it takes 45 to 50 hours to make each dress by hand.

She said, “It takes eight yards of material, and that little trim is just the top and the bottom. The bottom’s got five yards of material on it.”


Pretty soon, the Battle of Mobile Bay re-enactment will be history and it will be time for the vendors to hit the road again.

When asked where he was going next, Johnson said, “The next one I have I’ll be in Jackson, Michigan, at the end of the month.”

And when asked what she liked about about her job, Fattaleh said, “I like to meet all different people. My husband is a re-enactor, so, he gets to enjoy the re-enactment.”

Organizers hope a lot of other people will enjoy it, too.

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