You Can Help “Truth for Youth”

Truth For Youth, Inc. was established in 1993 by Rev. John H. Powell, Sr., Founder/CEO.

In 2010 the current facility which is now located at 401 North Reus Street, also known as the Belmont Cultural Center, is located within the 42,000 square foot property which was purchased from the Window Factory. In April of this year, the building sustained enormous damages from the rain, winds, and flooding. It is now in need of roof repairs, renovations, and payment of taxes. The property is situated within an entire square block in the Historic Downtown Pensacola neighborhood of Belmont DeVilliers.

Americorps has gotten involved, doing what they can to help rebuild the facility and the community. But they are in serious need of extra help, primarily financially.

If you would like to get involved in anyway, all of the contact information you need is below.

Truth for Youth
432 West Belmont Street
Pensacola, FL

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