Summertime fishing techniques for trout and redfish

Chief Meteorologist Jason Smith shows us summertime techniques for trout and redfish on this week’s Fox Ten Outdoors.

He fished in some very deep water in search of big fish. Jason got into a number of nice redfish and trout using live shrimp. Most of the fish were suspended just off the bottom.

Jason says he uses a tricky rig but it pays off.

Jason says “I have about a 3 foot fluorocarbon leader. I have an egg weight and a split shot. I’ve got this ridiculously large float. It looks like something used to catch pike or walleye in the northeast. I’ve got a couple of beads on the line and all of this works so my cork can slide up and down the line. What stops it is this little knot right here. Its called a bobber stopper and you can adjust your depth to something very specific, at this point I have it set to 12 feet.”

It was a bit of a waiting game, but Jason did get a few really big bites!

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