Nick Fairley no-show in court; sentenced for DUI & reckless driving

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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Mobile native, former Auburn standout and current Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley was sentenced Thursday, July 31, on a DUI charge and reckless driving. It stemmed from a 2012 incident.

Fairley was ordered to be present in court Thursday but did not show up. Fairley’s attorney, Sid Herrell, said he did not tell his client about the court date set for Thursday.

Talk around the courtroom was that Fairley was at Detroit’s training camp.

“It is an opinion case. I’m using my practice not to comment in any sort of opinion,” said Herrell after the sentencing.

He did not comment any further.

“The judge’s order was explicit that the defendant was supposed to be in court today. He was not here. The judge, I believe, followed the rule as he believed it. Rule nine allowed for a waiver of the defendants presents. The judge followed the rule. We think that the defendant should’ve been here today as the state,” said assistant district attorney Spiro Cheriogotis.

Fairley was sentenced to six months – suspended – with one year probation. He also has to pay $750 in court fees and fines and take two statutory classes: one for the DUI charge and the other for the reckless driving charge.

Judge George Hardesty said Fairley is “not a flight risk.” If he decides to appeal, he has until August 14 to do so. With that come more fines. Herrell said he plans to appeal.

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