Home sales on the rise in Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – With the economy on an upswing, more new home developments are going into Baldwin County.

One of the hot spots for this is the Spanish Fort area. One development in what’s known as the golden triangle area has the potential for thousands of homes.

Many homes are move-in ready and there are plenty of lots ready to build to spec. It’s a trend the county hasn’t seen since the recession hit several years ago.

“From a year to year rollover, June to June you’re seeing about a 25 percent increase in coastal home sales and if you’re looking at it May to June, June was up seven percent so we’re seeing trends from new home sales really on an upswing,” said Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Heiko Einfeld.

Einfeld said the new home sales directly corallate with the upturn in the economy. He says developers are once again willing to put the cart before the horse so to speak.

“When people are out there starting to develop again, that tells you that’s a sign and they don’t do that without doing their homework and research so I think when you see that, it’s a pretty good indication that things are moving in a possitive direction,” Einfeld said.

An example of the new development being seeing is a big subdivision going in on Highway 31 between Spanish Fort and Stapleton. That development alone consists of nearly 3,000 acres. How soon all of it will be developed is not known, but crews recently began clearing land and putting in road beds. It will be called Stonebridge.

Einfeld says the good news for the county is that they’re seeing homebuyers looking in all different price ranges.

“You’re seeing a lot more families move in and they might be on a little bit different scale, but then you’re also seeing some of the higher end homes go so I think it’s across the board,” Einfeld said.

Year-end projections have residential home sales up 30 percent over 2013 in Baldwin County.

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