A look at Hallie Dixon’s career as Baldwin County district attorney

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WALA) – Hallie Dixon has served as Baldwin County’s District Attorney since January of 2011 after she defeated David Green in a runoff election in 2010.

“I want to start the process reaching out to public leaders, community leaders and school officials and seeing where we can better assist. Listening to the public, and what they want, and of course my priority from day one has been to take care of the backlog first, get it taken care of. Get us back to not only efficient, but affective, justice. And that’s where we need to go first, and then from there, you know he’ll guide it from there,” Dixon said after winning the election in July 2010.

Shortly after Dixon took office, she publicly called out her predecessor, Judy Newcomb. During a press conference, Dixon showed pictures of storage rooms, boxes and stacks of papers, saying her office had a mountain to climb. She even claimed sabotage.

Dixon said that was part of the reason she hadn’t been able to move forward with her cases. Newcomb fired back, saying Dixon needed to quit trying to find excuses.

“I hired Hallie because she told me what she told many. That this was her passion, what she wanted to do. It took me a year and a half to figure out that there’s a lot of talk and very little performance,” Newcomb said in January 2011.

Dixon takes on Nodine case

Newcomb was the district attorney who handled Steve Nodine’s murder case the first time around, which resulted in a mistrial.

As the new DA, Dixon took a look at the case and decided to prosecute Nodine on a lesser charge of criminally negligent homicide and perjury.

“There’s nothing we could have done differently. We did exactly what I told them I would do and what the office binds me to do,” Dixon said in October 2012.

The case was eventually prosecuted by the state attorney general’s office. Nodine ended up pleading guilty to domestic violence, perjury and an ethics violation.

Dixon pursues felony murder charges against teens

Dixon was also involved in another high profile case in April 2012.

That’s when investigators said 17-year-old Summer Moody was shot in the head on Gravine Island while she and three other teens were breaking into fish camps. Police said Moody was hit by a warning shot when three men confronted the group.

Dixon pursued felony murder charges against the teens but decided not to prosecute the shooter.

“It is really important for young people to realize that these type of burglaries and these types of things can lead to somebody’s death and if it does the law says they need to be charged and should be charged,” Dixon said in March 2013.

The teens ultimately received youthful offender status

Dixon is three and a half years into a six year term. She first started working for the DA’s office in 2006.

According to several high-ranking sources in Baldwin County, a complaint has been filed against Dixon and sources say she’s under investigation.

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