Facebook’s Separate “Messenger” App

Do you hate having to keep up with your room key when you’re staying at a hotel? Those days could soon be a thing of the past. Hilton hotels are going high tech. Instead of a room key, guests will be able to use a smart phone to get into their room. You’ll also be able to use your smart phone to choose your room and check in. Digital check-in will be available at Hilton hotels by the end of this year. Hilton plans to switch from room keys to smart phones by the end of next year.

Soon you’ll need a separate app to message on Facebook. Over the next week, Facebook will phase out access to the private messaging service. Users will have to download a separate Messenger app to use on their phones. You’ll still be able to see notifications from within Facebook, but when you tap on them, you’ll be switched to the separate Messenger app. Facebook says people receive messages about 20 percent faster on Messenger than the main app.

And, iPhone callers can now keep the eaves-droppers out. It’s a free app called Signal. The app lets you know your voice is encrypted and no hacker or spy is listening. The way it works is a pair of words popping up on your screen should match the words popping up for the person on the other end.

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