Why did driver cross the median?

Spanish Fort police have released the name of the person killed in an accident involving an SUV and a BRATS bus on the causeway Monday.

Police say 35-year-old Shawn Wiggins was killed when his SUV crashed head-on into a BRATS bus around 5:25pm Monday. Family members said Wiggins was on his way home from work. He took the same route across the causeway that he used every day because he thought it was safer. But somehow Wiggins ended up on the wrong side of the road, and now investigators and the family are trying to figure out why.

Family members say 35 year old Shawn Wiggins left his job at an Auto paint Shop in Daphne around 5 o’clock Monday. About 20 minutes later his SUV slammed head-on into a BRATS commuter bus in front of Meaher State Park on the Causeway.

Wiggins brother, Micah was cutting grass when he got the tragic news.

“My wife got a phone call, and I was doing the yard, and she came out here and got me and told me, and I actually didn’t believe. I got my phone and tried to call his cell phone a couple of times,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said his brother always took the same route home everyday.

“He came home that way. He didn’t really believe in going over the Bayway. He always used the causeway, because he said it was safer,” he said.

The family still doesn’t know what happened.

“All I know is he crossed the median that’s all I know. Some stories say that he was trying to avoid a vehicle and some say that he just went across the median some I don’t know, there’s so many stories I just don’t know. I wish I knew,” Wiggins said.

Wiggins said he was just with his brother and other family members Sunday.

“We sat there and talked for a few minutes and I didn’t stay long enough, and he told my wife he said spend a little more time with me the next time you come, and that’s kind of staying with me right now,” Wiggins said.

“Everybody that he talked and he touched. He touched them in some kind of way.
There’s really nothing I can say because all his friends and family know what kind of person he was, and it was just a terrible loss, and terrible loss,” he said.

“Our condolences and our prayers are with the family of the deceased. This was our first fatality in the history of brats and we’re very concerned about the family,” Public Safety Director Taylor Rider said.

Rider said he was working late when he got the call from 911 about the accident. He rushed to the scene.

“It was surreal. It was people being attended to and people on stretchers and of course the SUV vehicle was there. My driver has already been transported to the hospital along with a couple of others but it was a pretty traumatic scene,” Rider said.

There were 12 people on the commuter bus. Rider said the driver and most of the passengers were taken to area hospitals and released Monday night. He said two or three people stayed overnight but were expected to be released Tuesday.

All of the passengers worked in downtown Mobile and were returning on the last shuttle from downtown Mobile to the eastern shore.

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