Mobile woman arrested for impersonating a police officer

PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA) – What started out as just a routine traffic stop along Saint Stephens Road in Prichard turned bizarre when police said they got an unexpected guest.

“One of our officers was asked or interacted with a woman saying that she was an undercover police officer for the Mobile Police department,” Melanie Baldwin, spokeswoman for Prichard Police, said.

Baldwin said 31-year-old Nicole Morrissette was trying to use her “connections” to get her friend out of the ticket. Baldwin said besides the fact that police in Prichard aren’t allowed to use their authority like that, she said undercover agents don’t typically show their hand in public.

“They very rarely out themselves. They usually get taken to jail so they can keep up the appearance of being undercover. And then being able to show their shield or say what they do in a private manner. So that was unusual also. But our police officers caught it,” Baldwin said.

Officials said normally when someone tries to impersonate a police officer, they have either a badge or some form of identification to back up their story. But in Morrissette’s cases, she had neither.

“Even if she was able to give her police code and dispatch, they could’ve called back to dispatch and connected with Mobile dispatch to find out if she was actually an officer. None of that happened,” Baldwin said.

Once she was brought in for questioning, police said they weren’t terribly surprised to see her behind bars again.

“Some of the detectives when I was talking to them in CID, they were like, ‘Oh, she’s at it again?’ or ‘Oh, I know her from somewhere.’ But it is not something we usually come into contact with everyday,” Baldwin said.

According to jail records, Morrissette was behind bars for less than two hours before she was able to make bond.

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