Instagram’s Bolt Could Face Legal Trouble

Instagram is expected to release a new photo messaging app called Bolt this week, but the company could be facing some legal trouble. There’s already a mobile messaging app named Bolt in the app store. The founder of the original Bolt wrote a blog asking Instagram to reconsider its name choice to avoid a legal battle. It says, “We know its a great name, because we chose it last year when we set out to build a better mobile voice and messaging experience. We’ve worked really hard since then building the Bolt brand and technology to where it is today. Please don’t destroy all that effort.”

And, wireless phone charging is coming to Cadillacs. The first to get the powermat charging pad will be the 2015 ATS, and later it hits the CTS and Escalade. The charging pad will be behind the infotainment screen. The screen rises up with the push of a button, revealing a storage bin with the charging pad. Just place the phone on the pad and it starts charging.

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