How big of a pay raise?

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said his staff is still crunching numbers to see how much of a pay raise can be given to city employees next year.

The mayor had said revenues are ahead of projections, and that city employees would get a raise in next year’s budget.

He said the amount depends on the budgets turned in by department heads.

Mayor Stimpson said administration officials are still working with the department heads, and he’s been looking at different numbers.

At Tuesday’s city council meeting, Stimpson said, “This morning, some city employees asked me what I thought was a significant pay raise, and I was trying to be diplomatic about it without saying what it is, but, I gave them the example of, ‘It’s x and 2 x.’ I hate to be so vague about it, but that’s really where it is until we know more than what we know.”

The fiscal 2015 budget has to be delivered to the City Council by August 20th, but administration officials had said they hope to have it ready before then.

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