MCPSS parents speak out against uniforms


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – More than 2,500 people have joined the Facebook page “No More Uniforms In Mobile County Schools!!!”.

The woman who started the conversation about the uniforms, Thomasina Ayer, says she was inspired to get the conversation started after the Baldwin County Public School Board changed its uniform policy to allow jeans and open toe shoes.

Ayer said she has three kids in the MCPSS and spent $600 dollars on uniforms last year. She doesn’t expect a change before the school year starts in a week, but she and other parents and students want the school board to consider a proposal to do away with uniforms and keep a dress code.

“Most of us are not suggesting that it become a free-for-all with students dressing in whatever way that they please. What we’re hoping for is a revision of the rules that will become more family friendly. Require shirts with collars, but not in specific colors. Require belts to hold pants up, but not in a specific color or material. Require activity appropriate shoes, but not in specific colors or styles. Require long pants or shorts of a certain length, but not in a specific color or material,” one parent wrote.

Many parents explain they’re having a hard time paying for the child’s uniform. The same parent wrote, “It was recently announced that all students in the Mobile County Public School System would be receiving free lunch this year. We qualified for this program because so many of our students are living in households that are functioning at or below poverty level. Yet these children are required to buy uniforms in addition to regular clothes. If you go to the area thrift stores and consignment shops, you will find a multitude of “regular clothes”, but you will hardly ever find “school uniform clothes”.

FOX10 News reached out to the MCPSS but officials were not available for an on-camera interview today. The school system said they’d be available Tuesday.

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