Parents of Gil Collar to file federal civil suit


MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The family of a University of South Alabama student, shot by a campus police officer, plans to file a federal civil suit.

Gil Collar was shot and killed by Officer Trevis Austin on campus in October 2012. Investigators said he was on drugs when he stripped naked, then started banging on the window of a campus police station.

Austin came out to investigate the noise, and that’s when he was confronted by Collar. Officials said Collar was shot after lunging at the officer.

A grand jury did find that Officer Austin, who was initially placed on paid administrative leave, was justified in the shooting. However, the family’s lawyer said video of the incident showed otherwise.

Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich identified the substance Collar took was identified as 25-I – a powerful yet legal hallucinogen. Since the drug is not listed as a controlled substance in Alabama, no one can be charged for giving it to Collar. They said the also found marijuana in his system.

Drug experts said 25-I is a fairly new drug, a lot like LSD, but much more deadly.

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