Tallest cross in western hemisphere to be built in Baldwin Co?

The tallest cross in the western hemisphere is set to be built in Baldwin County, and it has some people talking as plans move forward.

The land where the cross is going to stand was rezoned from agriculture to business so developers can now move forward with design plans for parking and facilities that will go on the four acre lot.

FOX10 News spoke to a resident who lives near the proposed site and the mayor of Summerdale to learn more about what we can expect.

“Anything that lifts The Lord up is worth having around and if it could be a blessing to The Lord then so be it. I hope they come up with the money to do so,” Chuck Rice said.

Rice lives near the proposed site of a giant cross on County Road 73 just off County Road 32 in Summerdale.

“I think the community’s very excited about the cross coming to Summerdale and that it will bring a presence here that will give Summerdale some recognition,” he said.

Mayor of Summerdale, David Wilson, said the white cross will stand 23 stories tall and is expected to be visible from the Foley Beach Express and Highway 59. The four acre lot was rezoned this week and the fundraising has already begun.

“The next step is they go to site plan review and on site plan review, they’ll present their plans of how they’re parking, the location of the facilities on the property and things of that nature,” Wilson said.

The cross isn’t going to stand alone in the field but the plan is to have a gift shop, a brick Walkway of Faith, a mini amphitheater, splash pad fountain and a replica of Jesus’ tomb.

Mayor Wilson said everyone seems to support the giant cross project but some residents do have questions.

“They have voiced some concerns they had such as the parking, the lighting and stuff of that nature but other than that, the surrounding property owners have agreed they’re in support of the cross.”

Wilson said he thinks the tallest cross in the western hemisphere is going to become a tourist attraction that will help the local economy.

“People travel from far and wide to see it they’ll need places to sleep, things to eat and gas for their cars,” he told FOX10.

“It will be something to look at. It sure will. And it surely will remind you of The Lord so anything that does that is good,” Rice said.

The nonprofit organization Big Cross Ministries is set to build the project. The project is projected to cost $750,000.

Check out the Gulf Coast Cross Project on Facebook or head to their website.


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