MPD: Man shoots stepfather while defending mother

Police said a domestic dispute turned violent Thursday afternoon, July 24, 2014 at a home
in north Mobile. Mobile Police told FOX10 News a man came to the defense of his mother who
was being assaulted by his stepfather. That’s when police said the stepfather came after
the son with a knife, provoking the son to shoot in self defense.

Police were called to a home in the 2000 block of La Pine the Beau Terra subdivision
shortly after 4 p.m. in response to a domestic fight that ended in a shooting.

“The suspect and the wife got into a physical altercation believed to be over prescription
medication that started in the living room. The stepson intervened on his mother’s
behalf,” said Officer Terence Perkins with the Mobile Police Department.

After a struggle, police said the stepson who’s in his mid-twenties retreated too his room,
but the suspect came after him with a knife.

“The suspect then armed himself with a knife and entered the victim’s room at which time
the victim felt threatened, armed himself with a weapon and shot the suspect in the leg,”
Perkins said.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital for treatment. He was back at home with
his commonlaw wife Friday. Both said they regretted what had happened. The suspect said he
was sorry everything happened and his wife said she loves him and hates that he got shot.

All the parties involved didn’t want to talk on camera, but did say in 14 years of being
together, nothing like this had ever happened or turned violent after an argument and
they’re certain that it will never happen again.

The wife didn’t want to press charges, but Alabama’s domestic violence statute requires
responding officers to sign a warrant once they determine the agressor. Police said it’s
lucky the situation didn’t turn out worse than it did.

“The mother could have actually got hurt by the stepfather causing physical injury as well
as the stepson being stabbed by the stepfather with the knife, so it is a tragic set of
events that ocurred and it actually could have gotten much worse,” Perkins explained.

Investigators said signed warrants out on the suspect late Friday afternoon. He’ll be
charged with domestic violence third degree and menacing. No charges are being brought
against the stepson because investigators said he acted in self defense.

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