Volunteers tackle litter on Three Mile Creek


Mobile (WALA) – Volunteers working through Mobile Baykeeper tackled trash on Three Mile Creek in Mobile Thursday. Litter has been a hot topic in the Port City as a concerted effort has been made to clean it up and keep it from clogging waterways.

Laura Byrne with Mobile Baykeeper said, “A lot of that trash ends up in the creek, which eventually ends up in the Mobile river, and eventually ends up in Mobile Bay.”

Byrne hopes the recent focus on litter will turn the tide on the trash.

“We just really have to keep up that momentum and keep this going because we can’t just spotlight it for a second and then let the problem to back to where it was,” Byrne told us. “We have to keep on moving forward.”

Spot Cleanups Not Enough

The folks with Mobile Baykeeper know that ultimately the spot cleanups won’t solve the problem, but they hope with education they can keep that litter from being thrown out car windows in the first place.

That’s where the City comes in. A recent litter ordinance, which carries a $250 dollar fine, will start to be enforced soon.

Bill Harkins, executive Director of Mobile Public Works told us, “It seems to me the citizens, which are key, that’s who keeps this place clean or not, they’re starting to have a real turn around and what we want with 311 is report to us where there are real issues and were going to get out there and take care of it.”

Litter Education

City departments had meetings this Thursday afternoon to come up with litter education plans so that Mobilians will be aware of the consequences of the new litter ordinance.

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