Fire Phone on Shelves Tomorrow

Amazon’s 1st smart phone, the Fire phone, hits store shelves tomorrow. Mixed reviews are out about the 3D phone available for $200 at AT&T with a 2-year contract. The pros: It can scan millions of Amazon items. The screen holds up well in sunlight. And you get a free year of Amazon Prime. The cons: It’s missing key apps, and the battery won’t last a day.

Gadget lovers are still loving iPhones. Apple sold more than 35 million of them between April & June. And some folks may be holding back for the bigger-screen iPhones expected soon. iPad sales however were weak.

And, i-Time is the name of Apple’s new smart watch. The ‘U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’ granted Apple a patent for a quote “electronic wristwatch.” There are hints that Apple’s vision of i-Time is different from any other smart watch on the market. It may not need to be paired with another device to do things like read email or check the weather. And, it could be a modular device with modules such as a media player able to be snapped into the watch band.

That’s your Daily Tech.


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