BCPSS votes in favor of dress code change


The Baldwin County Board of Education has passed a revision to its dress code policy. In a six to one vote, the board agreed high school students can now wear open toe shoes and jeans to school. Before Thursday’s meeting, they were restricted to closed-toe shoes and khaki or navy blue pants.

Kathy Sanders said she supports the changes. “The kids were starting to rebel against that uniform thing anyways and half of them stayed out of school because they couldn’t wear some stuff or they kept going home early because they kept wearing the wrong things and it’s all about education. It’s not about what they wear as long as it’s appropriate,” she said.

“I know the kids are probably happy about it and as a parent, it would give us more variety because we’re always having to go and find uniforms in their size that are still available at the start of the school year,” Jeffrey Cooper said.

The other topic that was voted on was the disciplinary actions when it comes to cell phone use.

  • 1st offense: a parent/guardian will pick up the phone at end of the day.
  • 2nd offense: one to two days in-school suspension without cell phone.
  • 3rd offense: up to one day of suspension without cell phone.
  • 4th offense: up to three days suspension without cell phone.



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