Daily Weather Forecast

Today: Partly Sunny with a 30% Chance of T-Storms

Highs: Inland-90, Coast-86

Tonight: Partly Cloudy & Mild

Lows: Inland-70, Coast-74

Weather Summary: We’ve got another humid start to our morning with a few showers showing up in the Gulf as of 5:30am. We’ll see the showers track to the NE so coastal spots will have the best chance for some morning showers and storms. During the afternoon, storms could fire off anywhere but will die off after the sun goes down. Highs today will be around 90 degrees and the storm chance overall will be at 30%. There is a front pushing in from the north and that will increase our coverage of rain and storms slightly for tomorrow but the good news is that it’ll take the upper level Low over Louisiana and move it out just in time for the weekend. Chances of rain on Saturday and Sunday will be 20%. In the Tropics, it’s all quiet ever since we said goodbye to Depression #2.

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