A Closer look at “Preferred” I-10 Route


Mobile, Ala. (WALA) FOX10 News continue to take a closer look the proposed 1-10 bridge and why the “preferred” route was chosen.

Earlier this week The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration revealed its preferred route for the proposed 1-10 bridge over Mobile River.

According to the environmental impact study all four of the routes would have some kind of impact on the economy. But ALDOT’s Mobile-area s design engineer says the B’Prime route had the most favorable impact on the maritime industry.

” B’Prime kind of stayed all the way there in the middle. So going back and researching and looking at what impacts it would have on the maritime industry, B’ prime was the best fit,” said Edwin Perry.

According to the draft environmental impact study B’Prime is one of the furthest routes away from Austal, administration building and the employee parking lot. The study says Mobile’s maritime industry contributes $2.4 billion to the regional economy and supports close to 30 thousand jobs. Perry says the preferred route has the least impact to the region’s biggest money makers. And B’Prime is it.

But, Perry says, even thought it’s the preferred route, that doesn’t mean it’s the final decision. The public will have the chance to weigh in and funding would have to be in place.

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